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Provides the download services of the development contents such as the Runtime Environment,
the Development Environment and the Common Components.

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Development Environment

Title eGovFrame for Windows 64bit(Implementation Tool) Version 4.1.0
Register Admin Date of registration 2023-03-02 Views 939
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Development Environment Version 4.1.0 (64bit)

Development Environment 64bit (Implementation Tool) Version for developers is a tool that supports developers code creation, IDE and Editor (Source Code, UML, ERD, DBIO, WebFlow, Code Generation, Code Inspection, Common Component Creation, Custom Development Environment, Nexus, SVN), Debug (Local, Remote), Mobile IDE, Batch IDE, RDT.

[Improved Features]
- Eclipse 2022-03 (4.23.0) applied.
- eGovFrame Runtime Environment 4.1.0 applied
- 253 common components (MobileID added)
- Common components with DBMS Goldilocks added.
- Added MyBatis DAO source generation function.
- Remove DeviceAPI creation. -> Create only DeviceAPI Web.
- Simple homepage template with React.js improvements and JWT authentication methods.
- Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry added.
- Eclipse Docker Tooling added.

[How to install it]
If you run the eGovFrameDev-4.1.0-64bit.exe file in the directory to configure the development environment, unzip it, and run eclipse, you can use the development environment where both development environment essentials and optional elements are installed.

1. When a "failed to create the Java Virtual Machine" error occurs after Eclipse is executed,
In the event of a JVM-related error when running Eclipse, add the JDK installation path of the user's PC in the eclipse.ini, an eclipse setting file. (JDK 11+ is required)
** Add jdk path to eclipse.ini (Example)
C:Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.5\bin\javaw.exe
2. Protection of Windows's PC Protection
When the following phrase appears, click more information and click Run.
"Microsoft Defender SmartScreen blocked the launch of an unrecognized app. Running this app can expose your PC to risk."
3. If you install Lombok plug-in separately,
Need to check the setting of Lombok in eclipse.ini