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eGovFrame Introduction

Provides the brief introduction on the eGovernment Standard Framework.

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Architecture of The eGovernment Standard Framework

Runtime Environment Lite

We developed "eGovFrame Lite" to make the framework work better in overseas environments without difficulty. This is provided in two types, one as a "eGovFrame_Lite_Full_3.5.1", the other as a "eGovFrame_Lite_Minimum_3.5.1".

The Need to Lighten the Runtime Environment

Disconnection of the internet, Decline of development speed in local and global network, Occurrence of unnecessary dependency and cost of optimization

Runtime Enviroment
Runtime Enviroment table provides Function, Related SW, and Capacity.
Function Related SW Capacity
Shared function Spring core & 24 40M
Business logic Spring & 2 1M
DB connection iBatis & 6 13M
Relation Apache CXF & 3 5M
Presentation layer Spring MVC & 4 3M
Total Capacity   62M
Development Enviroment
Development Enviroment - This table provides Function, Related SW, and Capacity
Function Related SW Capacity
Implementation tool Eclipse & 19 500M
Test tool jUnit & 8 500M
Build/Deploy Maven & 5 450M
Continous Integration Svn & 1 40M
Issue tracking web-application jTrac & 1 10M
Total Capacity   1G