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eGovFrame Introduction

Provides the brief introduction on the eGovernment Standard Framework.

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Architecture of The eGovernment Standard Framework

Development Environment

The Development Environment of the eGovernment Standard Framework is a collection of development tools for making effective use of various functions provided by the Runtime Environment in order to develop more precise and efficient applications. The environment is composed of 4 service toolsets. Refer to the following figure for the details.

Implementation Toolset
As a collection of tools for supporting the coding process, provides several tools such as Editor, Debug and Methodology & Template.
Test Toolset
As a collection of tools for testing the written code, provides several tools such as Unit Test, Test Automation, Test Coverage and Test Reporting.
Build Toolset
As a collection of tools for compiling, building and deploying the written code, provides Build and Deploy.
Configuration Management Toolset
Provides Configuration Management Tool for identifying attributes of a configuration item, registering them and managing the changes of them and Change Management Tool for registering and searching configuration issues.
  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • Test
  • Distribution

Implementation Toolset

  • Java Editor

    Developed based on the Eclipse, provides its own additional functions for the eGovernment Framework such as Perspective, Menu and New Project Wizard, in addition to the Eclipse's basic functions such as Code Assist, Quick Fix, Loading Code Style, Code Templates, String Search, Quick Type Hierarchy, Quick Outline, Source Code Navigation, Mark Occurrences and Local History.
  • DBIO Editor

    Developed to be appropriate for the projects based on iBatis, provides a GUI for generating SqlMapConfig files and SqlMap files and several convenient functions for testing, checking Query ID duplication and browsing Query ID for minimizing possible errors in query sentence writing.
  • IDE

    e-government standards framework provide a perspective provides the ability to create Core project, Web project creation and examples related to the ability to create template project.
  • Mobile IDE

    e-government standards framework provide a perspective provides the ability to create Mobile Core project, Mobile Web project creation and examples related to the ability to create Mobile template project.
  • Batch IDE

    e-government standards framework provide a perspective provides the ability to create Batch Job, Batch Execution and examples related to the ability to create Batch template project.
  • UML Editor

    As an object modeling tool, provides functions for editing the Class Diagram, the Use Case Diagram and the Sequence Diagram. In addition, developers can generate Java Source from the Class Diagram using this editor.
  • ERD Editor

    A data modeling tool for developing the logical data model and the physical data model, Developers can generate schema generation scripts conforming to popular DBMS solutions using this tool.

Test Toolset

  • Unit Test

    This tool supports test case design based on the Junit. Developers can design test cases using TestCase Generator, a GUI based tool, and also DB unit test cases. This tool supports virtual Mock object too.
  • Test Automation

    This tool supports automatic execution of the designed test cases. Developers can group test cases into a test suite or can create a test case class composed of test cases, and make them executed automatically through the Build Tool(Maven).
  • Test Coverage

    Using the open source EMMA, this tool performs an analysis of Test Coverage that the test cases which the developer designed have for the corresponding source code.
  • Test Reporting

    This tool generates reports on the test result of the test cases designed with JUnit in XML, HTML or Excel format through the Build Tool(Maven) as well as the test coverage analysis result. Using the XML report file, the CI(Continuous Integration) server of the Deployment Tool displays the test result and the test coverage analysis result on the Dashboard.
  • Batch Test

    This tool supports batch tests using Junit functionality built-in tools. Developers can generate and execute batch test cases, using the operation of the GUI-based wizard

Build Toolset

  • Build

    This tool executes building process utilizing Maven as a standard project build management tool. With the dependency definition and the library management functions which are strong features of the Maven, developers does not need to manage libraries directly but can manage them through the library repository system. Also, the building process can be executed from the Eclipse equipped with the Maven Plugin.
  • CI(Continuous Integration)

    Utilizing the open source Hudson for the continuous integration and build, the CI server, integrated with the source repository, applies the uploaded source code into the repository and executes the building process. If building fails, the server notifies the related developers of the causes of the failure and allows them to analyze the causes and resolve the problems. This server also executes automatic building process according to the defined period.

Configuration Management Toolset

  • Configuration Management

    On the basis of Subversion, developers can browse the Check-in and Check-out history of the source code and documentations.
  • Change Management

    The developers can register, resolve and search various configuration issues that might happen in the development time. The issues and their processing status can be notified to the related person by the notification function.

Open Source Usage Status

UML Editor
Open Source Usage Status
Service Group Service Open Source SW Remarks
Implemtation Tool Editor Source Editor Eclipse  
IDE N/A developed
Common Component N/A developed
Customize Development Tool N/A developed
Mobile IDE N/A developed
Mobile Common Component N/A developed
Mobile Code Verification N/A developed
Add Plug-In N/A developed
Batch IDE N/A developed
UML Editor AmaterasModeler  
ERD Editor
DBIO Editor N/A developed
Web Flow Spring Web Flow  
Code Generation N/A developed
Code Inspection PMD, FindBugs  
Server Connection Management N/A developed
Debug Local Debug Eclipse  
Remote Debug Eclipse  
TestTool Unit Test Test Case JUnit  
Mock Support EasyMock  
DB Support DbUnit  
Test Coverage EMMA  
Test Automation Ant, Maven  
Test Reporting Ant, Maven expanded
Batch Test JUnit expanded
Deployment Tool Build Build Tool Maven  
CI Server Hudson  
Repository Manager Nexus  
Generate Tool Android Configurator for Eclipse  
Deploy N/A developed
Conf.&Change Mgt.Tool Configuration Management Subversion  
Change Management jTrac UI developed